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Welcome to hornroutines!


This web page gives information about Daily Routines for Horn and Daily Routines for the Student Horn Player, by Marian Hesse.

Daily Routines provides a systematic way to develop and improve fundamentals. There are 8 routines, each divided into skill categories: long tones, crescendo/diminuendo, flexibility, subito dynamics, resonant low playing, tonguing on one note, tonguing and moving around, high range and low warm-down. Each of the 8 routines is devoted to a particular broad topic, such as Range or Flexibility. Players need only play one routine a day to develop and maintain fundamental skills.

The Student version of Daily Routines is easier than the the original edition and includes different topics appropriate for younger players.

To learn more about the contents of each edition and to download sample pages, including the table of contents for each book, visit the Using Daily Routines page.