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Review by Virginia Thompson from the Horn Call, publication of the International Horn Society:

Marian Hesse’s two new releases, Daily Routines for the Horn Player and Daily Routines for the Student Horn Player, are both outstanding additions to our published drill materials and have already received rave reviews from John Q. Ericson (online) and Lowell Greer, who wrote the preface. These high quality publications not only reflect Hesse’s “exceptional teaching experience and analytical mind,” as noted by Greer, but also her genuine passion for pedagogy and contagious enthusiasm for practicing the horn!

In each book, Hesse provides eight different routines: one for each day of the week plus an extra. Each impeccably designed routine covers seven skill categories. [Insert your visualization of a matrix here!] This organization also affords the option of mixing and matching different skill drills from different routines. The student edition routines are of 20-25 minutes duration, and the more advanced edition provides 30-40 minutes of drill. The range of the student book is F to b[musical flat]” (of which there are just a couple). Some of Hesse’s most original offerings in that volume include some unique breathing/blowing exercises and the incorporation of singing in ear training drills. Each volume includes an interesting “Duet/Intonation” routine, and all of her overtone exercises are fresh and fun. Additional information and sample pages may be viewed at I think that everyone who uses these routines will find them to be thorough, helpful, and immensely enjoyable as well! Virginia Thompson, West Virginia University (VT)


From Facebook messages:

Love the daily routines books! Using them with my students at UE!


Ms. Hesse,
Just a note to let you know that I love your Daily Routines book, that I use it every day, and that it provided me with an introduction to the other Mountain Peak stuff that I also use. It’s rare to get that much bang for the buck from such a singular source, but as far as I can see everything useful that I have learned on the horn can be applied towards your material. You really did us all a service by putting something like that together.
Thanks for your gift to the community,

Review from Kathy Mehrtens, Professor of Horn at The College of New Jersey!

Kathryn Mehrtens
  • Hi Marian!
    Maybe you have noticed a flurry of activity in orders for your books in the NJ, PA, and DE region. I have recommended your books to all my students, and I’m sure all will be seeing the results of playing the “Daily Routines” shortly. I can not say enough about how beneficial these 2 books have been for my own playing, and just plain ol’ daily discipline. After 40+ years of playing horn I am finally working methodically on areas that have always needed attention, and the results are remarkable, at least to my ears. I fell better about my abilities overall, and look forward (!) to tackling the daily challenges. My playing and confidence are greatly improved.
    Thank you for your excellent books!

From Colorado Spring, Colorado Hornist Dave Stoller

Dave Stoller
  • Many players in the horn community may not have seen Marian Hess’s book, Daily Routines For Horn. This is the best pedagogical book to come down the pike in a long time. It is a series of exercises and drills that take a person through the sorts of phrases/licks we experience in our daily playing. And it is a great chop builder as well. Marian wanted to compose a unique series that is predicated on what we do “down in the trenches” versus another dry academic etude book. Rather then attempt to explain what she has accomplished, you can review selected pages if you go to the publishing Then search her two books. One is for younger players and the one I have is for experienced players of all levels through the pro ranks. It is a performance enhancing manual that should be on everyone’s practice stand. Daily Routines For Horn is the new gold standard for building chops, endurance, and technique. Being an older player, I consider it an integral addition to our craft along with works like Maxine Alphonse, the Schantl Collection, Kopprasch etc.

Read John Ericson’s review here:

Horn Matters review of Daily Routines

Lowell Greer offers the following comments:

Marian Hesse has been recognized as one of the leading virtuoso horn players of our day. A pupil of several renowned teachers, she has enjoyed a brilliant career in many concert venues, but most especially as the horn player in the Chestnut Brass Company. Within this ensemble, she has had to repeat her mastery and musical accomplishments over and over, with a variety of early brass instruments. In the process of mastering and maintaining skills on so many instruments, she has developed a methodology of rare efficiency. She is currently horn professor at the University of Northern Colorado, where the size and quality of her class has manifested her gifts as a mentor and pedagogue. Out of her exceptional teaching experience and analytical mind, she has compiled a set of Daily Routines for Horn which will prepare the player, novice or advanced, for those tasks one faces in musical life. These are studies which will prepare the lips and musculature to safely and effectively perform in all registers with flexibility, fluidity, and strength, at all dynamic levels.

While the Daily Routines are, like all such studies, repetitive, sequential, and progressive, any tedium is broken in innovative ways which will keep the player involved and help avoid boredom. Periods of rest from playing are included, and should be meticulously observed, allowing the human body to adjust to the labors involved in playing each study, without any ensuing stiffness or fatigue that might, otherwise, cause temporary breakdown of the lip tissues. It is anticipated that proper use of Hesse’s Daily Routines will provide a technical breakthrough for many players whose development has become blocked or whose improvement has “leveled out” during the practice of traditional study materials.

Within the competitive life of a musician, and during the activities we undertake, these studies will certainly be of great value. They might just be the nearest thing to a secret strategy that a horn player will find.

Best wishes for effective and successful use of these materials,

Lowell Greer holds a unique place among the hornists of his generation. Known for his musicianship and versatility with or without valves, he has received critical acclaim and international recognition as an orchestral hornist, chamber musician, soloist, educator, and horn maker.


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  1. Rose French / Sep 17 2012 10:09 pm

    Dear Marian,
    I have both books, and enjoy them immensely for myself and my students. I also have enjoyed the approachable method of tackling some aspects of horn playing that we neglect or never get around to working on. The harmonic exercises in the Student version have become my “go-to” exercises for multiple reasons, and I find the intonation duets a great addition to working with students on intonation and matching articulation, dynamics, etc.

    Thank you!

  2. Luke Zyla / Apr 10 2013 1:47 am

    I use the “Daily Routines” every morning as part of my practice session. I love the variety and originality. I use the student book with all my students. Thanks Marian!

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