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Using Daily Routines

The daily routine is a time to concentrate on the fundamentals of horn playing and to develop a solid technical foundation. This daily routine, with an emphasis on fundamentals, makes it possible to focus on musical issues during other practice sessions. During the daily routine, one can also begin to establish consistency in all areas of performing and diminish the possibility of having a “bad day”. Though these are ‘drills’ to improve and maintain one’s fundamental playing skills, I encourage you to play all of them as if they were a piece of music- always using your finest tone.

This book is designed for you to play one routine per day, in order to develop, and to maintain, your performing skills. The routine should be played from number 1, through number 7 and should take about 30-40 minutes. Many of the flexibility exercise can be done on F and Bb horn, and you should choose the number of repetitions in various keys that are suitable for your level of development. If you discover there are areas for improvement, you can return to those more challenging drills later. Always use a metronome as indicated and use a tuner on exercises involving long tones and buzzing. The tuner may be used as a drone, or used visually.

The eight routines in Daily Routines for Horn are:

1. Basic Routine
2. Articulation
3. Flexibility/Accuracy
4. Register Change/Dynamic Extreme
5. Overtone Series
6. Range
7. Duet/Intonation
8. Easy Routine

The eight routines in Daily Routines for the Student Horn Player are:

1. Beginning Routine
2. Air
3. Overtone Series
4. Intermediate Routine
5. Ear Training
6. B-flat Horn
7. Duet / Intonation
8. Advanced Routine

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